Off Road Tyre Buying Guide

Off-roading is a thrilling, fun hobby, but like other hobbies, it comes with a price. Part of the price of off-roading is having the right set of tyres on your 4WD. You’ll be making your way through rocky, rough and muddy terrain, and the right tyres can add fun while keeping you on the road. Below, you will learn about off-road tyres, and you’ll get some tips on selecting the right set for your vehicle.

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A tyre’s primary function is to offer traction. For passenger cars, this means maintaining a grip on paved surfaces. However, for an off-road vehicle, traction means keeping a good grip on surfaces from mud to rocks. Because of the increased traction requirements, proper tyres are one of the most important purchases an off-road enthusiast can make.

Buying the Right Set of Tyres

When going off the beaten path, your tyres will wear faster; that’s why it’s important to buy a set that matches the activities you’ll be doing. It’s also important to get a good value for your money. Simple math can help; divide the total purchase price by the estimated longevity (in miles) to get the tyres’ per-mile cost. To compare different offerings from the same brand, divide the rating for tread wear by the per-tyre price, aiming for the highest number possible. Having different ways to calculate the value of a tyre can help you get the best value for your money. Just be sure that you visit a online tyres store that is reliable, offers well packaged products that actually reach you un-damaged. This will help avoid disappointment tremendously.

Sizing Tyres

When buying tyres for off-road use, sizing can be difficult. Much of the time, buying the right size tyres is a matter of taste, but there are a few ways to decide upon a particular set.

  • The easiest way to decide is to call the vehicle manufacturer. Doing so will leave you with a better idea of the 4WD’s capabilities.
  • Review charts showing fitment on different vehicles, or read a tyre sizing guide to determine whether wheels and tyres will clear your fender wells.
  • Use the results of the above evaluation to determine whether you’ll modify your vehicle to run a certain tyre, or whether you’ll choose a different set.
  • Read off-roading magazines, online forums, factory manuals and other sources for support when you want to modify your vehicle.

Decide When to Buy New Tyres

Even with off road tyres, occasional replacement may be necessary. Most tyres are considered worn out when the tread is less than 2/32″ deep. The more challenging your terrain, the faster your tyres will wear—so consider your driving habits when making a decision.